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Tired of going to the big box stores to get your swing speed measured or other launch monitor data? Paying to much with your local fitter? Would you rather see your ball flight outside, while still getting all the launch monitor data, instead of hitting into a net and wondering how the ball would really react oustide? Well look no further than Above Average Golf 89.

We can meet you at a local driving range to give you your swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, apex, smash factor, spin rate and carry distance. We accomplish this by using the SwingCaddie SC300 – Voice Caddie. Yes it will “talk” and tell you your carry distance after each shot and, also display all the launch data.

Not only this but we will also verify your swing speed using 2 other devices. The Swing Speed Radar will measure your swing speed face on. The Swing Mate will measure your swing speed down the line. Swing Mate can also cycle through and pick which club you are hitting so you can get precise speed from driver through pitching wedge along with carry distance for each.

So with all 3 of these devices: Swing Caddie, Swing Speed Radar and Swing Mate, you can walk away feeling confident in what your true swing speed and launch data is. You can then take this information to your club fitter and get the clubs needed for your game. This is priceless, but see below for great rates!

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